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Our Mission Statement:

B.I.L. Enterprises is your number-one source for home improvement needs, providing value-added home
improvement services to our clients and creating a successful partnership with them in the process.

We aim to provide high quality projects which meet budget and schedule goals, while nurturing long-term
relationships with our clients based on personal, professional and dependable services. Tom and
Sherry Brown began B.I.L. Enterprises in 2005.

Through their 15 year tenure, the Brown's have built themselves a reputable presence in New Castle
County. Tom has been involved in construction professionally and domestically for over 25 years. He has
had the pleasure of working in varying environments such as Ocean City, MD and Sussex County in DE.

In 2005, while working as General Manager of a local art framing shop, Tom had a vision to go out on his
own and begin a company where he could pursue his passion and talent. Originally begun with his
brother-in-law, they coined the business 'B.I.L', standing for the relationship the two men had. Since that
time Tom's wife, Sherry, has taken over partnership in the company. Should you now ask Tom what B.I.L.
stands for, he will lovingly tell you that he has changed 'B.I.L.' from meaning "brother's-in-law" to now
stand for "Brown's In Love"

One day. Tom and Sherry hope to include their three children in the family business.
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Tom Brown
Owner, Contractor

Tom has the gift of craftsmanship and brings
those skills to the table at every job site.
Extremely customer service oriented, Tom will
work with you to make sure you are completely
satisfied with the end product. Communication
is key, and you will be 'in the know' during every
step of the process.
Sherry Brown
Owner, Interior Designer

Sherry graduated with a Bachelors of Science in
Interior Design in 2014. She has been
designing for the company and working with
clients since 2009. Sherry has a passion for
design and color, with contemporary and
modern being her desired aesthetic. Whether its
taking you shopping to select your flooring or
holding your hand through the endless selection
of paint colors, she will be there for the entire
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